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Marine Cargo

Our Marine Cargo insurances cover the of loss of or damage to goods and merchandise whilst in transit by any method of transport – sea, rail, road or air – and whilst in storage anywhere in the world from dispatch to final destination.

  • Covers up to EUR 25,000,000 limit
  • Comprehensive coverage for goods in transit from warehouse to warehouse anywhere in the world
  • General cargoes, commodities, agricultural products, chemicals, machinery
  • Tailor-made, manuscript solutions for complex risks
  • Domestic and international risks
  • Provides in-house claims handling by our maritime lawyers and experienced claims staff
  • Has an in-house administrative support system tailored to your needs

We offer bespoke covers for:

  • DIC/DIL coverage
  • Advanced loss of profits or delay in start-up
  • Storage outside the ordinary course of transit
  • Exhibitions/fine art • Assembly/mounting
  • Project/construction/infrastructure/heavy lift cargo